About the Artist

Me at the easel

Michele moved to the village of Clanfield several years ago after living in Cornwall for about 10 years with her growing family. She grew up in Oxfordshire, but moved to Cornwall to live the 'good life' whist she and her builder husband James also renovated old properties there.

Coming from a creative family, she was particularly influenced by her artistic mother who still works as an oil painting restorer who also painted and encouraged her daughter to draw. Michele has worked as a decorator for an antiques company and also as a garden designer and gardener.

Michele's real interest in painting and printmaking was fired up when she was lucky enough to enrol as a 'mature student' on a fine art degree validated by Bath University which she completed in 2009. This was a mixed experience as much of the focus was placed on 'conceptual' art, but the things she particularly enjoyed were the drawing classes, print-making studio and the visits to galleries at home and abroad. Of course the luxury of being able to just concentrate on her art practice was wonderful after spending many years focusing on bringing up a family of four boys and working as something of a property developer!

Painting-wise, she is mainly self-taught, although attending various classes and workshops along the way as well as help from her artist mother. Her artistic influences are too numerous to list, but include Kurt Jackson, John Piper, Anne and John Blockley, the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists and particularly many of the contemporary Scottish artists such as Deborah Phillips and Moira Ferrier.

Since graduating, has also successfully completed an adult teaching qualification. She has been teaching drawing and painting classes to adults for 5 years and holds classes currently at a couple of local village halls. She is happy to consider teaching various workshops, please contact her from the 'Contacts' page here if you are interested in attending.